Introducing House of Nilus, the luxurious extension of Soul Tribe Co., embodying modern elegance and ethical living. With a focus on sustainability and high-end craftsmanship, each candle and home accessory reflects timeless sophistication and conscientious design. From ethically sourced materials to innovative scents, House of Nilus invites you to elevate your space with sustainable opulence. Join us in redefining luxury for the modern soul.

Reed Diffuser

Elevate your space with our luxurious 6oz glass reed diffuser, artfully infused with the radiant energy of golden citrine for abundance manifestation.


Double Wick Candle

Illuminate your space with sophistication and style with our luxurious 12 oz candle, elegantly housed in a smoky black translucent jar with a glass lid. Featuring two cotton wicks for a clean and even burn, this candle is a statement piece that embodies luxury and ambiance.


Room & Linen Spray

Get an instant burst of fragrance with our luxurious room and linen spray, presented in a chic 50ml glass bottle and infused with the radiant energy of golden citrine.