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Love Intention Candle

Formulated for love, self-love, and healing vibrations. Every flame flicker emits a harmonious energy blend resonating with the heart chakra, nurturing relationships, and enhancing emotional wellness.

Crystal-Infused Candles

We believe in the transformative power of combining candles with crystals—a synergy that amplifies intentions and raises vibrations. By harnessing the energy of both elements, we empower you to manifest your dreams and bring your intentions into reality. With each flicker of the flame, our candles become vessels of manifestation, guiding you on your soul's journey towards fulfillment and abundance.

Our Commitment to Quality

Backed by over 500 five-star Etsy reviews, we ensure top-notch, non-toxic candles. Our candles are crafted with the highest quality, non-toxic ingredients for a safe and luxurous experience.

Health-Conscious Home

Breathe easy with our all-natural, non-toxic crystal candles. Safe for you, safe for your family, and kind to the planet. Experience the soothing benefits of our crystal candles, designed to create a peaceful ambiance in any space.

Enhanced Ambiance & Energy

Transform your home into a sanctuary of calm and positivity. Our crystal-infused candles are designed to uplift your spirit and cleanse your space. Experience the soothing ambiance of our crystal-infused candles, expertly designed to elevate your mood and purify your surroundings.

House of Nilus

The luxurious extension of Soul Tribe Co. With a focus on sustainability and high-end craftsmanship, each candle and home accessory reflects timeless sophistication and conscientious design.